Super Smash Bros Ultimate -- Here Are the DLC Characters I Want To See Next

With Persona 5's Joker as the first DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, here are the characters that I hope end up joining the fight!

By Cameron Hawkins

April 25, 2019

Super Smash Bros Ultimate — and the franchise as a whole — has always been hyped up with DLC characters. Specifically, a lot of that has come from fans wishing for third-party characters that have the potential of making the roster of the famous fighting game series. In Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS, we got the unexpected reveal of Final Fantasy VII‘s Cloud joining the fight, which blew the community away.

With Joker from Persona 5 released as the first DLC character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate last week, it’s really no-holds-barred regarding who could potentially make it as a new challenger approaching. Even though Nintendo has already decided who will be added to the Fighter Pass as DLC characters, I am going to propose a few characters that I think would make a cool addition to Smash.

Auron – Final Fantasy X

I remember playing Kingdom Hearts II for the first time at Olympus Coliseum and seeing (at the time) this random character with incredible swordplay and flair that has always made me think “Wow, he would be so much fun to play in a fighting game,” and I think he would make a great fit in Smash.

Of course, now I know him as Auron from Final Fantasy X, and he still looks completely badass after all this time. I know that we already have Final Fantasy representation in Smash with Cloud, but I think this would be a really fun wild card for Nintendo to dish out, especially with Final Fantasy X having just come out for the Switch earlier this month.

Banjo-Kazooie – Banjo-Kazooie

Banjo-Kazooie are a pair of characters that have been requested by the community ever since Super Smash Bros. Melee released on the Nintendo GameCube. These characters have a rich history with Nintendo dating back to the days of the N64, but since then, the duo is now under the wing of Microsoft after acquiring Rare in 2002.

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Now that Microsoft and Nintendo have been in good relations recently with cross-play functionality — as well as porting games like Cuphead to Switch — there must be some sort of Microsoft representation coming to Smash. There is a fair chance that it could be Steve from Minecraft, but Xbox head Phil Spencer has stated previously that he would be willing to bring Banjo-Kazooie to Smash Bros. Banjo-Kazooie is an obvious choice for Smash, even more now that Microsoft and Nintendo are working together. All we can do now is wait.

Sora/Riku – Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is such a beloved franchise today — especially with the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 earlier this year — and Sora has been wanted as a fighter for quite some time. He fits the style of the game so well and has so many different abilities that could lead to him having a really unique kit. The series has had four different titles on Nintendo systems over the years, so it isn’t like there hasn’t been a history of the franchise on Nintendo platforms. Most people believe that the reason we have yet to see Sora in Smash is due to the weird, not completely known ownership of the franchise and its characters between Square Enix and Disney.

Disregarding that, while realistically if we were to get someone from Kingdom Hearts, it would probably be Sora. He is the main protagonist so it makes the most sense, but I would like to see Riku step into the ring over Sora. We only got to play as Riku for a small amount of time throughout the franchise, and I feel that there is a certain level of untapped potential that I would like to have seen in Smash Bros. Also, if Sora were to be announced as a fighter, Riku would not be able to be his Echo Fighter because their fighting styles are completely different, so it would have to be one or the other. Nonetheless, I hope we finally Kingdom Hearts represented in Smash with the addition of one (or both) of these characters.

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