Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Fighter Terry Bogard is Getting an “In-Depth Look” Soon

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Fighter Terry Bogard is Getting an “In-Depth Look” Soon

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version of Terry Bogard will finally be taking center stage in a new video on November 6.

While the announcement of Terry Bogard being a DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may have been overshadowed by Banjo’s release and Sans’ addition as a Mii costume, his inclusion still pleased many Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters fans, myself included. That being said, Nintendo has barely discussed this new DLC fighter since September. Fortunately, that seems to be changing soon as the official Nintendo Versus account confirmed that an in-depth video about Terry Bogard and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s 6.0 update is coming soon.

Specifically, it will be released at 5am PT on November 6, 2019. Nintendo is claiming that the video will be 45 minutes long, so it should definitely give us a great look at how a more standard fighting game character like Terry Bogard has been adapted to Smash’s formula. Similar videoes for previous fighters also covered update changes and new Mii Fighter costumes, so it is likely that we will be seeing some of those as well during this presentation.

If we are super lucky, we could also see the next DLC fighter, though I think it is more likely that Nintendo will save that announcement for The Game Awards or the next Nintendo Direct. With this update, it is also worth noting that replay data will once again become incompatible with the new version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so do whatever you must with those videos to preserve them.

Of course, you can expect DualShockers to cover whatever is revealed during this presentation. If you somehow own a Switch but haven’t picked up Super Smash Bros. Ultimate yet, you can pick it up on Amazon. Even though the Terry Bogard DLC does not yet have a release date outside of “November,” his release shouldn’t be too far out if this video is coming on Wednesday.

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