Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Leak Indicates Dragon Quest's Hero Will Arrive on Wednesday

A series of tweets from some of Nintendo's accounts have seemingly revealed the launch date for the next DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

July 29, 2019

Late last night, Nintendo announced that it would be having a video presentation tomorrow morning that would focus on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s upcoming DLC character Hero from the Dragon Quest series. This presentation is said to reveal the release date of Hero, but before it has even taken place, Nintendo themselves may have let slip the launch date.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Nintendo’s branches in both the Netherlands and in Europe seemingly revealed that the 4.0.0 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be arriving on Wednesday, July 31. After these tweets were initially released, Nintendo then wiped them both and changed it to say that the update would then launch “within 7 days.”


Assuming that this 4.0.0 update will indeed launch on Wednesday, it seems all but certain that Hero will arrive with the patch as well. When Joker, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s first DLC character launched earlier this year, he arrived on the exact same day as the game’s 3.0.0 update. Because of this, it seems like a pretty safe assumption that Hero will also drop with the 4.0.0 update as well.

Either way, we’ll know in less than 24 hours when Hero is officially joining the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but all signs right now point to it finally happening later this week. Now if only we could get a release date for Banjo-Kazooie as well.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now on Nintendo Switch. We’ll have all of the latest news for you regarding Hero when Nintendo reveals said details tomorrow.

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