Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fan Art Mural Brings All Your Favorite Characters Together

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fan Art Mural Brings All Your Favorite Characters Together

Everyone is here in YukaOmatic's fan art mural featuring all of the characters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster to date.

While it’s been nearly two years since the game first released, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has still remained one of the Switch’s essential exclusive titles. Thanks to its huge roster of characters from across numerous different franchises, the massive fighting game has only grown bigger over time with the addition of new characters. Though the game already features its own massive mural depicting its over 75 fighters, one fan took it upon himself to showcase Ultimate‘s impressive character roster to date.

YukaOmatic (Twitter) shared his own version of a fan-made Smash Bros. mural with a unique style and take on the crossover fighting game’s roster of characters. In the mix you’ll find all of Ultimate‘s current characters, including its more recent fighter additions like Persona 5‘s Joker and Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘ Byleth, along with the game’s other fan favorites and classic characters.

You can take a look at the full-res mural from YukaOmatic below, along with some close-up images – you can also check out more of his work here:

In terms of recent Smash Bros. news, the latest addition to the game’s roster of characters was ARMS‘ Min Min, who was introduced in June as the first new character in the second Fighters Pass. The second DLC character pass is set to feature 6 new characters in total, so we still have five other characters waiting to be introduced between now and the end of next year. All I’ll say is Waluigi: please make it happen, Sakurai. It’s time.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.