Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Glitch Allows Infinite Assist Trophies from Isabelle, Is a Nightmare

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Glitch Allows Infinite Assist Trophies from Isabelle, Is a Nightmare

If players ever want an absurd number of Waluigis on-screen, a recently-discovered Super Smash Bros. Ultimate glitch allows for infinite Assist Trophies.

Nintendo has made it clear that “Everyone is Here!” in the crossover spectacular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but no one expected things to go as far as a recently-found glitch demonstrated. A YouTube video circulated on Reddit shows a glitch involving Isabelle that can create the same Assist Trophy for an indefinite number of times. The results are unsettling.

As YouTuber TheAfrowJow educates the masses on, the glitch involves two Isabelle players using their fishing rod special move, one that Smash Bros. players, in an unrelated matter, find quite overpowered during battles. If both Isabelles attempt to hook the same Assist Trophy, with a few frames apart, the Isabelle to retrieve it will be able to spawn the same assist character repeatedly.

If you’ve ever had nightmares about the Moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, I’m sorry to tell you that this glitch can substantiate an army of them. Monster Hunter players will be attacked by a flock of Ratholos, the screen will be smothered by overlapping Nintendogs, and despite creating a swarm of Waluigis, lacking the ability to play as the lanky purple creep will still be disappointing to the hardcore Waluigi fanbase.

Seeing how Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can already handle 16 Ice Climbers in 8-Player Smash, and a whole lot of Pikmin too, it goes to show how well optimized the Switch game is. But in an age of online game patches (the latest 1.2.0 releasing recently), it might not be too long until Masahiro Sakurai and the Fun Police at Nintendo shut this Assist Trophy farming operation down.

You can play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate right now, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Check out our review here, and see where it stood in our Game of the Year deliberations.