Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Has Guile’s Theme, Because It Goes with Everything

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Has Guile’s Theme, Because It Goes with Everything

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website provides new pieces of information every weekday, with the latest being a sample of Guile's Theme.

Expect a whole lot of Street Fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, not only with Ken as a new fighter, but with Guile lending a hand as an Assist Trophy. Viewers of the densely packed Nintendo Direct for the platform fighting game caught a piece of Guile’s famous music theme from his game series of origin, and the Ultimate website provided a longer sample.

Famed composer Yuzo Koshiro provided the arrangement, with Koshiro most famous for his work on the Streets of Rage series. His credits range from the ActRaiser games to the Etrian Odyssey series, but the composer also contributed to the two previous Smash Bros. games.

For Brawl, Koshiro provided arrangements for The Legend of Zelda theme and the Norfair music from Metroid, and for the Wii U and 3DS games, he contributed with arrangements of the battle theme from Pokemon X and Y (my favorite of his Smash Bros. work), “Wrath of the Reset Bomb” from Kid Icarus Uprising, and a Pac-Man song.

While the developers behind Ultimate may have revealed most of the fighter roster from the game’s announcement, the website for the game still continues the tradition of delivering daily tidbits of information in piecemeal, including the occasional song. As for Koshiro, while we don’t know if he will return for Streets of Rage 4, here’s hoping—maybe he’ll bring Guile’s Theme with him, because, well, it goes with everything.

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