Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Exploit With Isabelle’s Net Provides Headless Nightmares

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Exploit With Isabelle’s Net Provides Headless Nightmares

A glitch involving Isabelle or Villager's net causes characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to lose their head and arms upon closer inspection.

Isabelle may look like she’s all fun and games but left unchecked and she can unleash horrors beyond the imagination. Enter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where Isabelle’s grab move, which traps opponents in a net, results in perhaps the most unsettling imagery yet to be seen in a Nintendo title. Using the camera feature in the pause menu, zooming in on the net will reveal a headless and armless character.

If you stare into the abyss, the abyss will stare back.

Expect the same results with the Villager’s grab move, also a net. With Ultimate bringing in new characters and bringing back older ones, we have new subjects for some visual nonsense. The video below showcases all of the characters affected by the exploit—some like Mario and Kirby are entirely unaffected.

The funniest image may have to be that of the Ice Climbers—while Popo has been horrifyingly decapitated by an adorable dog, Nana stands beside and screams in terror. Some subjects like Captain Falcon, Shiek, and all of the princesses seem to be missing their entire damn torso. Meta Knight basically is a head and feet, so all he loses are his arms/hands.

For larger characters like King Dedede and Charizard, it appears as though their heads have just caved in, leaving a mini-black hole where their noggin used to be. Toon Link is a bizarre one, retaining his arms while also losing both of his hands. And if the objectification of Bayonetta weren’t enough, she is literally all chest and legs now.

I have to assume that this is a development workaround and not some crazy glitch like with King K. Rool’s giant crown. It would be impractical to animate these models under the net when they are not visible by players. Still though, one would think that curious players might zoom in at this sort of stuff, so it’s a wonder that we get to see this craziness in the first place.

It’s a funny reminder that video games too are an illusion, with developers and artists playing visual tricks on the players. Players have been using the game to create fun videos and artistic displays, but with exploits like these, players can finally take a look behind the curtain. And boy, are the things behind the curtain hilarious.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Revisit our review of the game here.