Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Information on Dragon Quest's Hero Seems to Potentially be Arriving this Week

Much like Joker did previously, could Hero be stealth launching in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later in the week?

July 8, 2019

Last month during E3 2019, Nintendo unveiled the next two DLC additions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be that of Hero from the Dragon Quest series along with the classic Rare characters Banjo-Kazooie. While the likely more anticipated addition in Banjo is slated to arrive later this Fall, Hero was said to arrive at some point this Summer at a still unspecified date. As of now though, it seems like we have an idea on when we could learn more about Hero’s arrival.

In a recent message from Nintendo France, it was seemingly teased that news regarding Hero could be coming quite soon. As part of Nintendo France’s ongoing weekly Let’s Smash video series, which teaches players how to improve their Super Smash Bros. Ultimate skills, a message was shared that seemed to indicate Hero information is forthcoming. In the description of the video’s latest episode, it was said that an upcoming “special” episode is coming soon before then mentioning the Hero character specifically.


The wording stated said via our own translation, “see you soon for a special Let’s Smash (Someone said something about Heroes?)” before then concluding. You can see a tweet from Nintendo France right here which included the message:

From what we can glean from this tease, it seems like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Hero could have news arriving as soon as this week. As mentioned before, this Let’s Smash series that Nintendo France runs has a new episode release every single week. If the next episode is then meant to show off more of Hero, then it seems like that news would come later this week, along with Episode 26 of the show.

What’s all the more interesting about this tease is that it could also potentially indicate that Hero could actually be released in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later this week, too. If Hero’s addition to Smash Bros. is gone about in the same way as the game’s last DLC fighter Joker, which launched somewhat out of nowhere along with the 3.0.0 update, then maybe Hero will have a stealth launch of his own. We hadn’t seen Joker gameplay footage until very close to his release. If this Let’s Smash series is planning to show off some of Hero in action, there’s a precedent that this will also coincide with the fighter’s actual launch.

Regardless of what’s going on here with Hero, it seems likely that we’ll find out more later in the week. But what do you think? Is Hero’s arrival in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later this week is feasible? Be sure to let me know down in the comments.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is currently out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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