Here Are Some Tips for Picking Your Main in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Having some trouble finding your competitive main in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Here are some tips to help you get started with the game's massive roster.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has the largest character roster the series has ever had. A total of 74 fighters – with six more on the way – now fill the character select screen waiting for you to bring them to bring them to the battlefield. With so many options and feeling more competitive than ever, I have been searching for my main since launch narrowing down my options to three characters. Here are the steps I took to find the right character for me.

Unlock All the Characters

To start, you should unlock all the characters. After all, you can’t truly find your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate main if you don’t have everyone available to use.

There are several ways you can unlock all 74 characters, all of which you can find in our recent guide. However, I think the best way to both unlock characters and get some practice in is through Classic Mode. Since a new challenger is guaranteed to show up after you fully complete a character’s Classic Mode route, simply completing it with every character will not only allow you to grab the full roster, but will also help you find which character’s moveset fits your playstyle.

Play a Character Who Fits Your Playstyle

However you end up unlocking your characters, whether it be from the aforementioned Classic Mode, Smash Mode, or the game’s story mode called “World of Light,” you’ll need to start narrowing down that pool of characters to choose from. While you can look at a tier list (which I’ll get to later) of who the Smash Bros. community believes are the best characters in the game, it’s important to know your playstyle and use that to your advantage.

For example, I personally like characters who deal more melee damage and are on the quicker side. As such, many of the sword-wielding Fire Emblem characters, like Roy or Marth, would be solid choices. Street Fighter‘s Ken would also be a solid option; for the most part, he plays just like Ryu but is both quicker in movement and special move duration.

I also took a liking to Incineroar, the newest Pokémon added to the Smash Bros. roster. That’s not just because he’s a wrestling cat that walks upright – although, I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a contributing factor – but Incineroar is one of the stronger physical characters and also pretty nimble for being a heavy character. However, he has one glaring weakness: his ability to recover.

Know Your Character’s Strengths and Weaknesses

In Smash Bros. it is not only imperative to know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, but also your own. Knowing your opponent’s strengths and your own weaknesses will allow you to adjust on-the-fly and possibly predict your opponent’s next moves.

Let’s use Incineroar again as an example. As noted, the wrestling cat man’s recovering ability is probably the worst out of any Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character. No matter which recovery move of his you perform, if you are far away from an edge, more likely than not, you will lose stock. Also, his up special move can be very dangerous to use since it basically just throws the character fast in a roughly 45-degree angle that you cannot recover from.

Just off this information alone, I know I’ll have to play a dominant ground game. That means playing as Incineroar means properly dodging and blocking as well as landing as many big hits as I can. That also means knowing how to get back on the ground when someone is continually air combo-ing me. Knowing how to execute any offensive or defensive tactic takes practice but it all begins with knowing your main’s strengths and weaknesses.

Check a Tier List

If playing the statistically “best” character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is your goal, you can check a tier list, which is a community curated list put together by the Smash Bros. community of the best characters in each game. At this time though, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hasn’t been out for the public for a long time so the list could change, but you can get a general idea of which characters are solid choices.

According to Ranked Boost’s tier list – which is comprised of seven tiers – characters like Cloud, Mewtwo, and a good amount of the sword-wielding Fire Emblem warriors make up the S-tier, while the three Mii Fighter variations make up the bottom tier.

No Matter Who You Play As, Enjoy Yourself

The is the most important tip: enjoy who you’re playing as. You can look at as many tier lists, watch as many tournaments, and read as many guides as you want, but that won’t necessarily make you better at Super Smash Bros., let alone Ultimate.

You may be more knowledgeable from what I mentioned, which is a plus, but it won’t make you more skilled with that supposed S-tier character. Playing a character you enjoy – one with a moveset that synergizes with your playstyle in satisfying ways – is what really matters. You never know what ends up clicking for you. Even though that Animal Crossing dog is terrible, she may serve you well.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. If you want to get started trying to figure out who is your main, you can pick it up on Amazon right now.

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