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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Hunger Games Merge in Adult Swim Sketch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate meets Hunger Games in a new Robot Chicken crossover that has Villager fighting for her life and her Village.

Everyone is jumping onto the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate train, and Adult Swim’s sketch stop-motion pop culture show Robot Chicken is putting skin in the game. In a video uploaded yesterday, we saw them merge the Nintendo-centric fighting game with another type of fighting game: The Hunger Games.

Title “The Smashing Games,” the video starts out in a standard Animal Crossing village. Before too long, Tortimer is selecting the next tribute for the Smash Brothers games, an obvious tribute to the popular book and sub-par movie series The Hunger Games. Stepping in to fill the boots of Puddles, a female Villager takes spot.

Following this, we see a cut of Tom Nook advising Villager on the Smash Games, specifically that all they care about “is competent edge guarding and L-cancelling.” All in all, an accurate read of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community, if I’m being honest.

From there, we see a supercut of Nintendo characters meeting their early demise. For the most part, all the action is kept PG, so don’t expect some of the more gruesome deaths or animations we’ve come to know in some of Robot Chickens’ other shorts. With that said, there is something pleasing about seeing Wii Fit Trainer impaled with a Beam Sword, given that she has been causing me problems in online matches recently.

The scene wraps up with a twist betrayal — but you can just watch the (relatively short) footage below for a full view of the events.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been a breeding ground for creativity, for both the professional video editors and the novices. Look no further than the Melee intro movie that was remade entirely using clips of the new game. Or, perhaps take a look at some of the (horrifying) renders of Super Smash Bros. characters drawn by God of Wars’ art director. Meanwhile, other fans have taken to remaking various scenes for Avatar: The Last AirbenderStar Wars, and Kingdom Hearts.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the hottest exclusive game for Nintendo Switch right now. If you haven’t grabbed the game yet, feel free to pick it up on Amazon. Otherwise, check out the Robot Chicken video below:

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