Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Reveals More Joker Details Ahead of Launch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Reveals More Joker Details Ahead of Launch

Joker is arriving in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Wednesday night, and game director Masahiro Sakurai dropped some last-minute tidbits.

Nintendo and developers Sora Ltd. and Bandai Namco surprised Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans, revealing in a video yesterday that Joker would arrive Wednesday, April 17. While that video went into depth with details about the character and his stage Mementos, director Masahiro Sakurai went a little further through a Twitter thread.

These are details that go to show players just how meticulous Sakurai and his development team is in including the most minute details in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate—details that Persona fans aren’t asking for but will certainly appreciate. One fun element that Joker brings to the game is his victory screen, which comes in a number of varieties. Sakurai revealed one more, which features the Morgana car.

As Sakurai mentions, players can even select which victory screen shows up with a directional input. While not as flashy as Joker’s victory screen, this is actually a feat possible for other characters going all the way back to Super Smash Bros. Melee. But Joker has a car, so he probably has everyone else beat; plus, his victory screen changes color based on the palette swap used, according to another tweet.

And as confirmed in the video, the colors of Mementos changes depending on which Persona game the music playing comes from.

The Phantom Thieves are quite prominent in both the Mementos stage and during Joker’s Final Smash, called All-Out Attack. Not only will they appear on the stage, but different line-ups will appear during an All-Out Attack, with a win taking the game straight to the victory screen right after, just like in Persona 5.

Finally, expect 11 songs from the Persona series in Ultimate, with the tracks “Beneath the Mask,” “Aria of the Soul,” and “I’ll Face Myself (P4)” being new arrangements, and also a number of new Spirits.

Joker and the rest of the First Challenger Pack will hit Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tonight at 9:00 PM EST; Sakurai promises that the developers are hard on work on the next Challenger Pack. In the meantime, enjoy throwing that Joker vs. Piranha Plant face-off you never knew you wanted.