Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Echo Fighter Ken Channels His Street Fighter Roots in New Video

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Echo Fighter Ken Channels His Street Fighter Roots in New Video

Ken from the Street Fighter series shows us his moves moves in a new video of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch.

Ken from the Street Fighter series was the last echo fighters to be revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during last week’s game-exclusive Nintendo Direct. While we got an in-depth look Ken’s moveset during that Direct, a new video released today on the official Super Smash Bros. Japanese Twitter account shows him in action once more.

Having Ken be the last echo fighter revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is somewhat fitting as well, as he can be considered the first echo fighter ever. While Nintendo touted Luigi as such, Ken is a better choice in terms of the fighting game genre. In the original Street Fighter, which released in 1989, Ken was an exact clone of Ryu and the only other playable fighter in multiplayer.

While Ken came into his own with a unique move set in future Street Fighter titles, his origins can be traced back to being a clone, making him a fitting Echo fighter. While Ken was a highly requested fighter that got into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, other fan-favorites weren’t as lucky. We recently highlighted of those characters in our own eulogy to characters who didn’t make the cut.

In terms of fighting, Ken is a slightly faster Ryu with some moves of his own from Street Fighter II Turbo. These Ken moves that differ include a Heavy Shoryuken with fire-effects, a Hadoken shaped slightly differently, a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku that can hit enemies multiple times, a throw called the Hell Wheel, and a strong Focus Attack instead of a counter. He has two Final Smashes as well, a flashy Shinryuken and his classic Shippu Jinraikyaku. Like Ryu’s punches, Ken’s kicks can also differ based on button inputs.

Several of these moves are highlighted in this new video on Twitter, which you can check out below. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on December 7 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

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