Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Promotional Video Features an Unknown Item that Many Think Indicates a New Fighter’s Arrival

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Promotional Video Features an Unknown Item that Many Think Indicates a New Fighter’s Arrival

A new video for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has seemingly revealed a new item in the game that many are connecting back to another Nintendo franchise.

Fast food chain Wendy’s along with publisher Nintendo may have just accidentally revealed a new fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. At least, that’s what many on the Internet are thinking.

In a new video recently released by Nintendo promoting a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate college campus tour that is being done in conjunction with Wendy’s, a few new sequences of gameplay footage were released. While that’s not all that noteworthy on its own, one split-second frame from the video has gotten many people talking.

During a section of gameplay footage featuring Ness and Captain Falcon duking it out, some Smash fans noticed off to the right side of the screen that there seemed to be a new item that hasn’t been revealed as of yet to be in the game. This, as you might expect, prompted many questions about where it could be from and what Nintendo franchise it’s associated with. You can see the tiny, green item in question during the 0:27-0:28 mark in the video in the tweet below.

Upon a closer examination, some came to the conclusion that this item, which looks like a small green plant in an orb, isn’t from a franchise that is currently revealed to be apart of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It only took a short period of time for some folks to recognize that this item seemed to be that of Growth, a Synergy spell from the Golden Sun series. Currently, no Golden Sun characters are slated to be apart Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s roster, but the franchise’s protagonist has been a rumored combatant for quite some time.

Just this week in the supposed “Grinch” leak–as it is now being referred to–Isaac, the main protagonist from Golden Sun, was one of the seven new characters that appeared in the potentially fake banner art. So now we ask — does this new promotional video then corroborate this week’s earlier leak as a whole? Well, let’s not get too carried away just yet.


Look at the item in question in the middle of the platform on the right side of the screen.

As we just recently heard, the marketing company that was thought to be involved with leaking the updated banner art in the first place has now fired back with a public statement of their own, completely disavowing their involvement with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate whatsoever. To me, this move has made me more prone to thinking that this week’s earlier banner art leak as a whole could be entirely fake, though I’d love to know how that was pulled off.

At the same time, there’s a very good chance that Isaac could still find his way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but that doesn’t mean that the other six characters that were included in the banner art would necessarily have to be confirmed as well. Again, we’ve heard for awhile now from many in the know with Super Smash Bros. have claimed that Isaac was one of the likeliest characters to make an appearance in Ultimate. His arrival has been just as rumored and speculated upon as that of Simon Belmont, who eventually appeared in-game during the most recent Smash Direct.

With this being said, I wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if Nintendo revealed Isaac was joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate soon. In fact, the Growth item as seen in the Twitter video seems like a pretty surefire case that he will likely show up. Otherwise, I have no idea what that plant item is associated with.

This has been a wild week for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaks — more so than usual. If there’s one thing about that all of these leaks though, whether they be real or not, they’ve gotten me more excited than ever before to finally get my on hands on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and learn more about just who will be making their way into the game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is scheduled to launch on December 7 for the Nintendo Switch.