Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Luigi OP, CPUs Commit Suicide in Fear

Luigi must've gained some special powers after dying because he can beat every Super Smash Bros. Ultimate CPU without moving.

Luigi may have had his mortal soul ripped from his body by the grim reaper but–despite this– he’s doing pretty well for himself in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He may even be the most over-powered character in the game.

“What are you saying? You filthy casual. R.O.B. is certainly the best-ranking character out right now, just look at how many tournaments he’s winning!”

Well reasonably-skeptical reader, let me tell you exactly why Luigi is so good.

It appears that having shuffled off this mortal coil (including rising costs of healthcare and a decreased demand for plumbers) Luigi has ascended to a never-before-seen level of power:

He can defeat every level nine CPU in the game without doing anything at all.

It appears that the lifeless shell that is now Luigi sends elicits fear in the minds of his enemies, so much so that they run around the stage in terror before eventually deciding to end their life on their own terms.

It’s not Luigi’s green missile, nor two-dollar slice that sends them to their final resting place; even beholding the green-garbed guido’s guile garners gross gloom (and doom).

If you don’t believe me, you can watch this video and see for yourself.

This montage comes courtesy of YouTuber Omega Tyrant who’s created other comedic Super Smash Bros. Ultimate videos. But this one is clearly my favorite.

Some of the top comments include:

“Luigi: ‘You made me use 0% of my power'” from user Flametix

“Literally not even 10 seconds into the video and Luigi has already done a zero-to-death,” says Meeples 097.

This video really encapsulates how I currently feel about Luigi: I know he’s not as good as he used to be, but I’m so afraid of who he was that I’m still scared of what he’s become. This was also a glitch in Smash 4, but it’s strange to see the bug persist into Ultimate.

Luigi was even able to manage this after Nintendo had to nerf the game’s CPUs after even pro players were having trouble defeating them. If you are having trouble unlocking someone you can try facing off with them as Luigi so that he can win the battle for you.

It’s currently unclear if Luigi was given some mind-tampering abilities in the recent Smash 2.0 patch, but we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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