Super Smash Bros Ultimate Was The Most Registered Evo 2019 Title

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is ranking in as the top registered for game for this year's Evo tournament later in August.

Super Smash Bros has always been a big game at Evo. So, it would should come to no surprise that Super Smash Bros Ultimate was the most registered Evo 2019 title.

Coming from the President himself, Joey Cuellar tweeted out the top nine most registered for titles as of right now. The list goes as follows:

  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  2. Street Fighter V 
  3. Tekken 7
  4. Mortal Kombat 11
  5. Samurai Shodown
  6. Under Night In Birth
  7. Dragonball FighterZ
  8.  Soul Calibur 6 
  9. Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle

With Evo just around the corner, it is cool to see smash reigning supreme on top of the list. What does suprise me a bit though is Mortal Kombat coming in 4th. The game just recently released a couple of months ago, so, I would have thought plenty of players would want to compete in the new title. But, I have also realized that the game, while it sells a whole ton of copies, is a much more casual experience compared to Street Fighter or Tekken games.

On the topic of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, where the heck is the next DLC character? I am starting to think that Nintendo is really going to space out these announcements because we heard about the addition of Joker way back in December. It is now June, a full six months since then and there has still not been any word on the next character release. Hopefully, we hear or see some new character trailer at Nintendo’s direct during E3 this year. Fingers crossed for Banjo & Kazooie!

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