Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mural Adds Piranha Plant, Though Players Struggle to Access Character

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mural Adds Piranha Plant, Though Players Struggle to Access Character

Piranha Plant is finally in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mural, even as players struggle to obtain it even with Nintendo's instructions.

This week, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has done the impossible—adding a playable Piranha Plant fighter. With that, the character received the ultimate (heh) honor: inclusion in that gorgeous mural featuring all of the fighters.

As a Reddit post points out, here is the portion of that mural with the Piranha Plant in it:

Piranha Plant now added to the SSBU mural! from r/NintendoSwitch

Somehow, Smash Bros. is succeeding in turning not only a ridiculous concept into reality but a dangerous, usually evil, snapping, dangerous sentient plant into something wholesome. For Pete’s sake, Piranha Plant is watering a red Pikmin. Is that not adorable? If that isn’t just cute enough for you, look at Piranha Plant’s little footsies:

Do you know what isn’t cute? Corrupt data files. As charming as this murderous plant can be, it turns out it has nefarious intentions. It appeared as if playing as Piranha Plant in All-Star Mode caused some bugs that corrupted save files. As of this writing, reports of save bugs are still going out, with no solution, fix, or patch announced from Nintendo.

Couple that with the fact that several customers still haven’t obtained Piranha Plant and you have a tumultuous launch for just one character. Despite simple instructions from Nintendo to redeem Gold Coins from their Smash Bros. copy, either Piranha Plant won’t show up or codes simply haven’t been sent out, in a few select cases.

Kotaku pointed out that the Nintendo Support Forum is filled with customers having problems unlocking Piranha Plant. While some users found their codes in their email trash or spam folders, others still have yet to receive codes. Similarly, Nintendo has not officially put out a response or solution.

Perhaps the free availability of Piranha Plant was meant to act as a test launch as Nintendo plans to add paid DLC characters, the first being Joker from Persona 5. So you get a pass for now, Piranha Plant, but we’re watching you.