Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailer Has Old Footage, but This Switch Video Has Some New Snippets

The latest trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has nothing new to show, but a newly-released holiday season trailer for the Switch has some new tidbits.

Perhaps the biggest 2018 game that has yet to be released is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nintendo is trying to capture the hype with a new minute-long trailer for the Switch fanservice fighting game—but expect to be disappointed if you expected anything new from the video. Instead, another trailer promoting the Switch to families has mere seconds of some new elements for Smash Bros.

The Smash Bros.-specific trailer is footage you’ve already seen, repurposed into a tighter video. It captures the scale of the game’s large roster, and showcases some of the new items and Assist Trophies seen in the game. Viewers can revel in the game’s more cinematic Final Smashes, but personally, this trailer was a reminder to me of how the new theme song gives me chills.

If you view the general Nintendo Switch promotion video (embedded below the Smash Bros. trailer), you can catch some minute details that probably only the most devoted Smash fans (i.e. myself) will particularly care about. We know that not only will stages have “Omega”/Final Destination forms like the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS titles, but will now have forms resembling the Battlefield stage. This trailer shows off the Battlefield version of Corneria for the first time (timestamp 0:58).

Additionally, the players in this trailer are using single Joy-Con controllers, confirming that as one of several control options for the game (timestamp 1:47). It shouldn’t come as too much a surprise, as Brawl and the fourth installment even used sideways Wii Remotes as a control scheme too. Still, this is the first explicit confirmation of the option—even though you’re definitely going to use the GameCube controller instead.

To little surprise, this trailer doesn’t touch upon the apparent 4chan leak about the game’s roster that came out this week—I myself am dubious about that leak, but you can read our own extended thoughts on it here. Meanwhile, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release exclusively on Switch on December 7—that’s two days after my birthday, so it’s quite obvious what I’ll be asking for. If you don’t have that same luxury, you can pre-order the game on Amazon.

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