Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Hold First Spirit Board Event This Weekend

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Hold First Spirit Board Event This Weekend

The first of what may be several Spirit Board events for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will begin this weekend, starting with a glasses-themed event.

The Spirits of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have presented a significant challenge to players, and it appears as though the game will continue to make a focus out of them. According to Nintendo of Japan’s official Twitter account, certain glasses-wearing Spirits will be easier to obtain this upcoming weekend.

During the “Spectacled Spirits” event, Strangelove from the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Brittany from Pikmin 3, Jeff from Earthbound, and Crusty Sean from Splatoon will be amongst those Spirits that players can challenge and earn from the Spirit Board (yes, you caught me, I have no clue who the fifth character in the tweet is). The event will begin tomorrow December 13 late at night, 10 pm PST and 1 am EST.

I’m wondering if these Spirit Board events can be like the Splatfests of Splatoon and its sequel—the next Splatfest happening to be Smash Bros.-inspired. With regular events, Nintendo can always make sure that players have something to look forward to. Unlike Splatfests however, this sort of event feels less community-focused and much more singleplayer centric.

Regardless of the matter, players have found through the World of Light campaign that many of these Spirit battles are quite creative, and provide unique left-field challenges. I just hope that the themes are a bit more creative in the future.

Unfortunately for the game, players are unsatisfied with the online feature set. At the same time, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is still topping the charts, even less than a week into its release.