Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Vocalist Was Brought to Tears After Finding Out She Landed the Role

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Vocalist Was Brought to Tears After Finding Out She Landed the Role

Abby Trott, the English singer behind Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's 'Lifelight' was brought to tears after landing the role.

Many gamers may ponder on the idea of working on some of their favorite series in video games. Working alongside industry veterans and legends creating the next big thing on PS4, Xbox One, PC, or Switch. Singer, Abby Trott, had the chance to helm the English version of the main theme song in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Upon finding out that she was now the voice every Nintendo Switch owner would hear after booting up Super Smash Bros. Ultimate the singer was brought to tears. In an interview with Puissance Nintendo, she said:

“I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to audition through Cup of Tea Productions, and at the time I had no idea what the audition was for. For the first round, I submitted my singing demo. The second round involved singing a requested song (not ‘Lifelight’). I ended up being cast, and CRIED when I found out what the project was. As a life-long fan of Nintendo, being a part of Smash Bros. Ultimate is really special to me. I love ‘Lifelight’ so much.”

It’s absolutely awesome to hear how passionate Trott is in regards to her work. I’d probably cry too if I had the chance to be a part of one of the most prolific fighting game crossovers in history. I’d personally want to give a go at singing the main theme of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, ‘Snake Eater.’

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. In recent news, Persona 5’s very own Joker was announced to be the first playable character in the game’s DLC fighter packs. Additionally, this has lead to speculation that Persona 5 would be brought to the Switch in the form of Persona 5 R; which was just revealed with a PS4 logo in its teaser trailer.