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Madcatz unveiled two new licensed controllers in their Street Fighter series. The all new Super Street Fighter™ IV Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition “S” and new character artwork for four newly licensed FightPads. The Fightstick Tournament S edition not only uses the same premium Sanwa Denshi™ Japanese style ball-handled joystick and 30mm action buttons found in official Street Fighter® IV arcade machines but is also slimmer than it’s predecessor and will be available in two distinctive designs based on the Street Fighter series.  The all new Fightpads will feature not only the iconic characters Ryu and Ken but also new characters T. Hawk and Juri. The Fightpads are perfect for gamers who are geared more towards traditional console controllers.

Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz commented, “As the leading manufacturer of FightSticks for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in North America, we are excited with the prospect of bringing new FightSticks and FightPads to the Super Street Fighter IV fan base. We look forward to the release of Super Street Fighter IV and building on our strong relationship with Capcom.”

“With much enthusiasm, our community is already anticipating the release of Super Street Fighter IV and we believe that the introduction of an all new official FightStick will only enhance what is sure to be a key release of 2010,” said Christian Svensson, Vice President Business Development and Strategic Planning at Capcom Entertainment, Inc. “We at Capcom continue to be delighted at the critical and commercial success of the FightStick range and look forward to continuing our partnership with Mad Catz.”

The Fightstick will be available for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 for $149.99 and the FightPad is $39.99 and can be purchased at when Super Street Fighter IV in available in the Spring of 2010.

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