Super Street Fighter IV HDTV Coming

Super Street Fighter IV HDTVs are making their way into the homes of fans pretty soon. No, this is not a joke, and yes this might seem crazier than a fish with breasts; but it is real. Roundtable Concepts is introducing a new line of LED televisions which features Super Street Fighter IV logos, images of the cast, and a “Street Fighter image” that appears on-screen for eight seconds when the LED backlit TV is powered on.

Pricing is unknown as of yet, but sizes have already been announced. Available in the upcoming weeks, the TVs will be available in 32″, 40″, 42″, and 46″ sizes. The company is also well known for producing Marvel-branded TVs as well. As Street Fighter fans, if you have nothing else to do with your money, or are suffering from some form of mental disability that hinders logic, then this is something that you’ll definitely be into. I know François is yelling into his monitor and going into convulsions in excitement right about now.


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Yaris Gutierrez

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