SuperBot Looking Into Ranked 1v1 & Timer For Stock/Kill, Focus On "Balancing" Drake, Raiden, Kratos

By Paul LaCen

December 12, 2012

SuperBot Entertainment set up a chat room today and were surprisingly open in answering questions regarding character balance, player telemetry and match settings. Game director Omar Kendall and SuperBot community manager Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago fielded questions from fans and jilted players alike. First, they confirmed that Sackboy’s nerf was coming well before the game even went live, and that the nerf isn’t “set in stone”. Next, they said that their focus on balance seems to be situated on Nathan Drake, Raiden, and Kratos.

More importantly, they spoke about player telemetry and what they plan on releasing in terms of character data. At the moment, two of the original six characters cover both ends of the spectrum; Kratos is the most popular character while Fat Princess is “by far” the least. SuperBot intends on showing telemetry that details which characters are proving the most successful, but they’re mainly considering ranked match telemetry with regard to character balance. Character balance seems to be a matter of popularity more than whether an underused character is considered overpowered by a few. Lastly, they said that they’re looking into the possibility for 1v1 ranked matches and a timer option for stock/kill limit, something that I’m sure every competitive player will be glad to know.

As Omar loves to say, players should stay tuned to see how Playstation All-Stars develops. I asked them if they would let me money match them for a job, but I should probably stay tuned for that too.

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