Superdata: Nintendo Switch Has Sold 2.4 Million Units

Superdata: Nintendo Switch Has Sold 2.4 Million Units

According to tracking firm Superdata — aka these aren’t official numbers — the Nintendo Switch has sold 2.4 million units worldwide since its launch back on March 3rd.

Further, the tracking firm has now increased its 2017 sales forecast for the system, citing that the Switch has performed above its expectations. Superdata’s previous forecast estimated the system would sell 5 million units in 2017: that has now been increased to 7.2 million.

Superdata CEO Joost Van Dreunen added the following statement:

“Nintendo is performing above expectations, which suggests that, at least for now, it is well on its way to restore investor confidence. The current slate of upcoming titles is also looking strong, and we expect Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (late April) and Splatoon 2 (July) to do well over the summer period.”

If you want official numbers from Nintendo itself: you don’t have to wait to much longer. Nintendo is scheduled to report its earnings for the fiscal year (which ended on March 31st) next week. While, this won’t include the system’s sales post-March, it will give an official idea of how the system has performed thus far.

Nintendo Switch is available for $299.99 USD.