Supergiant Games Reveals New Game Hades, Available Now

Supergiant Games has announced their next game, the rogue-like Hades which is available now in Early Access via the Epic Games Store.

Supergiant Games has released their newest game in early access on the Epic Games Store tonight and its called Hades.

Taking place in Greek mythology, Hades retains the isometric perspective of Bastion and Transistor but is a rogue-like with lots of action. You can get it now for $19.99 as part of the Epic Games Store launch.

Hades has the same great art style as Supergiant’s previous entries Pyre, Bastion, and Transistor. The combat appears to be action-oriented without the time-stop element of Transistor. Your character can wield multiple weapons, swapping between sword, bow, trident, and shield for a variety of attacks. As the nephew of Zeus you get to access various upgrades such as Lightning Strike, Thunder Dash, and Bolt Shot. Since the greek gods are infamous for their many romantic flings, it is unknown by whom this protagonist is related to the god of thunder.

Defy the god of death as you hack and slash your way out of the Underworld in this rogue-like dungeon crawler from the creators of Bastion and Transistor.

Play In Early Access: This is a living game in active development! Expect regular updates with new features, events, characters, places, powers, and more.

You can also converse with the gods, each with their own detailed character art. When you die the text, “There is no escape.” appears and you emerge from a pool of blood to try once again. As a rogue-like death means losing progress and starting anew on another run to try and reach the end, or at the very least farther than you did last time.

System Requirements:

Minimum RequirementsRecommended
OSWindows 7 SP1OSWindows 7 SP1
ProcessorDual Core 3.0ghzProcessorDual Core 3.0ghz
Memory4 GB RAMMemory4 GB RAM
Graphics1GB VRAM / OpenGL 2.1+ supportGraphics1GB VRAM / OpenGL 2.1+ support
Storage10 GB available spaceStorage16 GB available space

Hades comes as part of the new Epic Games Store, a new digital storefront from Epic Games to compete with Steam, and includes a much better revenue split for developers who put their games on Epic’s platform. Supergiant Games also ported their most famous games, Bastion and Transistor, to Nintendo Switch, though it remains to be seen if Hades will extend beyond PC anytime soon.

Defy the god of death in this rogue-like dungeon crawler from the creators of Bastion and Transistor.

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