Developer Considering SUPERHOT Nintendo Switch Port, but it Might Be “Ultra Hard” to Do

Developer Considering SUPERHOT Nintendo Switch Port, but it Might Be “Ultra Hard” to Do

According to Andrzej Dominowski of SUPERHOT Team, SUPERHOT may possibly be coming to Nintendo Switch.

According to developer Andrzej Dominowski of SUPERHOT Team, the first-person shooter has a chance to land on Nintendo Switch at some point.

When asked about the possibility during a Reddit AMA yesterday, Andrzej Dominowski had this to say:

It is being considered. We had some issues on PSVR with performance so on switch it will be ultra hard on that matter.

SUPERHOT has garnered praise from fans and critics, and would make for a fine addition on Nintendo’s console/portable hybrid. Personally, this would be a great title to have on-the-go and encapsulates what makes the Switch an appealing console to play on.

In the highly stylized game, time moves only when the user does, allowing the player to carve through impossibly outnumbered fights with action-movie precision, provided they make the right choices and act precisely.

The concept and mechanics of SUPERHOT may sound strange at first if you’ve never heard of the title before, but it definitely works and is a lot of fun to play.

SUPERHOT and SUPERHOT VR recently released for PS4 featuring unique experiences from one another with the VR version being fully adapted for both the PlayStation Move and DualShock 4 controllers.

The game had been exclusive to Xbox One and Windows PC, and its VR edition compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The acclaimed time-shifting FPS/puzzle game launched in 2016 on those platforms.