SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE Standalone Expansion Comes to Steam Early Access Today

The standalone roguelike expansion SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE will be free for current SUPERHOT owners "when it's done."

SUPERHOT Team has announced their next title, SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE, as well as a trailer and screenshots flaunting the game’s unique gameplay. As revealed in the trailer, it will also be free for current SUPERHOT owners “when it’s done.”

SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE is a standalone expansion within the SUPERHOT universe. Rather than keep the linearity present in the original game, the new title will implement roguelike elements which will, in theory, keep things different each time you play. The current build features a new playable character, tons of levels, reworked animations and AI, and an unlockable powerup system.

Additionally, SUPERHOT Team will be updating the expansion over the next nine months that introduces two more playable characters, different enemy types, more weapons and abilities, and a new non-linear story within the SUPERHOT universe.

SUPERHOT Team’s fast-paced shooter SUPERHOT has seen some success since it launched back in 2016 for PC. Since then, the game has sold over one million copies and made its way onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. A virtual reality spin-off, SUPERHOT VR, was also released for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE is available on Steam Early Access right now for $11.99. You can purchase a bundle that comes with the standalone expansion as well as SUPERHOT and SUPERHOT VR at a 20% discount for $49.57.

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