SUPERHOT Is Available on Nintendo Switch Right Now

SUPERHOT Is Available on Nintendo Switch Right Now

Control time and movement as Superhot shoots its way to the Nintendo Switch today.

We had a quick heads-up that Superhot was on its way to the Switch when a Twitter user posted a screenshot of the title getting an update for a Switch version even though it was yet to be announced. That’s one way to ruin a surprise! Today at the Nintendo Indie World presentation, it seems as though that update was correct and the popular indie title is indeed making a home for itself on the Switch. Thankfully, players won’t have to wait too long to grab the game as it’s available today.

If you have yet to try it out, now is the time. Superhot is an indie game that first released all the way back in 2016 on PC and then jumping over to PS4, Xbox One and then taking things to new heights on the VR. The title involves you playing in a  first-person shooter where your movement manipulates time, allowing you to dodge bullets and pull off complex plays to kill all the enemies in a room.


Superhot is available right now on the Nintendo Store priced at $24.99 and you can check out its Switch debut trailer, below.