SUPERHOT VR Grosses Over $2 Million During Christmas Week

SUPERHOT VR enjoys a wildly successful holiday season, with the game grossing over $2 million in seven days. Not a bad week at the office.

December 30, 2019

Slowly but surely, the VR train is picking up mainstream steam. With PSVR giving the mainstream audience great games like Blood & Truth, while the beefier PC side of things is pushing the hardware to its limits with the likes of Boneworks and Half-Life: Alyx. This holiday season has been a great time for new players to jump in. And, if SUPERHOT VR‘s sale numbers over the last week are any indication, they’ve been buying the hardware in droves.

I’m no accountant, but $2 million in seven days sounds like a pretty solid week at the office. And frankly, SUPERHOT VR deserves the success. The SUPERHOT team put together one of the most inventive experiences in recent memory when they released the non-VR version of the game in 2016. The VR release is a near-perfect adaptation that expertly maps the gameplay to the hardware. Especially on PSVR, there aren’t many games that let you feel like a cool action hero more than SUPERHOT VR.


In my experience, if you’re on the fence about VR, you need to give SUPERHOT a try. My brother just picked up a PSVR over Christmas and playing SUPERHOT and Beat Saber over the break was a great reminder of how cool all of these games are. Even if you’re not looking to pick a system up yourself, I’d highly recommend at least checking SUPERHOT out to see where gaming might be going in the coming years.

SUPERHOT VR is out now on Index, HTC Vive, Oculus, and PSVR.


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