Pillow Castle's Mind-Bending Puzzler Superliminal is Out Next Week

Pillow Castle’s Superliminal is a game that uses forced perspective to trick your brain and create one of the most visually appealing puzzle games the industry has seen in a while. The game’s surreal world provides a perfect opportunity for inventive and downright trippy puzzle solving. Give the new trailer a watch below. It will give you a feel for how quickly your brain will turn to mush when Superliminal launches next week.

Superliminal sees you playing as a person “who wakes up in a surprisingly lucid dream”. As you drift from room to room,  puzzles that baffle the mind confront you at every corner. You’ll need to constantly think outside the box in your quest to solve the complex mysteries of Superliminal. Objects change size based on how you view them and new paths through a level reveal themselves as you tease out the game’s puzzles. If you’re up for a mind-bender, this looks right up your alley.

As someone who loved games like The Witness, Fez, and Antichamber, Superliminal is right up my alley. I have notebooks filled with scribbled notes trying to decipher Fez’s in-game alphabet. My phone is still full of pictures I’ve taken of puzzles from The Witness in hopes that I could solve them while away from the game. What I’m saying is, when Superliminal comes out and my family might not see me for a few days.

And it’s not just that I love puzzle games. Superliminal’s style of puzzle-solving looks exceptionally inventive. I don’t pretend to have played every game, but I can’t remember anything looking quite like this. If Pillow Castle can deliver a 5-10 hour experience that keeps up the momentum they’ve built in their early trailers, Superliminal could be a special game. That’s a tough ask, but it seems within reach.

Superliminal is out on November 12 on PC via the Epic Game Store.

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