SuperMash, The Game That Makes Games, Hits Consoles May 8

SuperMash lets players make their own games on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on May 8.

SuperMash is a single-player game that lets you mash together all kinds of different genres to create your own wild hybrids. Originally, the game only launched on PC; however, that’s all about to change very soon. Today, developer Digital Continue announced that SuperMash is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One May 8. They also dropped a new trailer, which you can check out below.

In SuperMash, players have six different genres they can mash together; including “Metrovania, Shoot ’em UP, Stealth, Platformer, JRPG, and Action Adventure”. On top of the genres, players earn in-game Dev Cards, which lets them pick out different characters, enemies, and more. The level of customizability means that no two games will feel exactly alike. It’s an incredibly ambitious project with potential for some true gems. That said, the randomness does mean you’re likely to see a few stinkers now and then.

It’s also worth mentioning that Digital Continue could keep building the game out with new genres and Dev Cards. Already, this console addition is bringing new fixes and improvements to the table. They’re even adding in a new tileset for the Shoot ’em Up genre and new characters in the JRPG genre. It’s completely within the realm of possibility that they add more stuff like that to really build out the game. And, there’s always the chance they add new genres to the original six to spice things up even more.

SuperMash launches on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on May 8. If you can’t wait, the game is available now on PC via the Epic Game Store now. So, whether you wait or hop in now, get out there and start mashing.

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