Supernatural Visual Novel Necrobarista Announced; Coming October 2017

Supernatural Visual Novel Necrobarista Announced; Coming October 2017

Route 59 Games has announced its new game Necrobarista, a supernatural visual novel PC game due to release sometime in October 2017.

Details on the game are currently scarce, but what we do know is that it began as a student project in 2015 titled “Project Ven.” Pitched as an experimental narrative game using Unity 3D, the title emerged onto the scene when it won the award for “Best Narrative” at Freeplay 2015. After developing two more internal prototypes, Route 59 received sponsorship from Film Victoria and RMIT’s New Enterprise Investment Fund, and from here the team began working on the game’s commercial release.

Route 59 describes the game as “an original visual novel combining a supernatural suspense story with a stylized cinematic presentation influenced by anime aesthetics.” Further, we know that the game centers around a magical Melbourne cafe, where for one last night the dead return to mingle amongst the living.

Additionally, we can see (though this is kind of obvious from the game’s genre) that the game has some type of dialogue box system where you pick dialogue options.

Currently in development only for PC, Necrobarista is set to release in October at unknown price point. Below, you can check out the game’s announcement trailer, as well as its first screenshots.