Supernatural Visual Novel Necrobarista is Coming to Nintendo Switch and Maybe PS4

Upcoming PC Visual Novel game Necrobarista is now also coming to Nintendo Switch and maybe PS4.

on August 2, 2017 4:50 PM

Today, developer Route 59 Games announced that its upcoming debut game, Necrobarista, is coming to Nintendo Switch in addition to the previously announced PC.

The news comes via Gematsu who the Melbourne-based developer broke the news to. According to Route 59 Games, it is currently too far from launch to say if the Switch version will ship simultaneously with the PC version. Further, the developer also revealed to the outlet that it is looking into possibly bringing the game to the PS4.

Details on the nature of Necrobarista are still very scarce. What we do know is the game is a cinematic visual novel and is being created in Unity. Further, it is described as a the combination of a “supernatural suspense story with a stylized cinematic presentation influenced by anime aesthetics.”

We also know that the game centers around a magical Melbourne cafe where the dead mingle amongst the living. That’s it. That’s all we know about the nature of the game which is apparently shipping sometime in early 2018.

We also have a decent-sized batch of screenshots which reveal multiple characters, its dialogue system, and of course the game’s art design. You can check them all out via the gallery below:




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