Supervillians Take a Beating with Marvel Heroes' Team-Ups Feature

Gazillion Entertainment has announced that Marvel Team-Ups is now a feature in Marvel Heroes, which is based on the Marvel Team-Up comic series starting in 1972.

In Team-Ups, two heroes fight alongside the player all throughout the game against supervillains.

The first wave of heroes will see:

  • Spider-Man: Acrobatic Hero who uses his webs and spectacular agility to defeat enemies.
  • Falcon: Armed with an impressive arsenal, this version of Falcon is from the Marvel movie universe
  • Firestar: generates and manipulates microwave radiation to generate heat and flames.
  • Magik: Illyana Rasputin uses her teleportation and magic abilities to assault foes.

This feature offers three different playing styles, allowing them to fight alongside players or protect them from off screen. Most importantly, the heroes all have their own distinct power sets.

The second wave of heroes will feature Invisible Woman, Psylocke, and Mr. Fantastic, which is now available for pre-sale.

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