Support Your Favorite Club with EA Sports Personalized FIFA 16 Pack Art, Phone and Tablet Wallpapers

on October 2, 2015 11:00 AM

If you don’t like Lionel Messi being on the cover of every FIFA for the last 5 years, EA Sports has got you covered.

EA Sports revealed personalized and printable FIFA 16 pack art, phone and tablet wallpapers. Of course, some people will be downloading their favorite club’s items and using them as the cover for the game.

However, not every league and team is featured in this. You only have a number of teams to choose from in each league. The featured leagues are Barclays Premier League, FL Championship, LIGA BBVA, LIGA Adelante and the League of Ireland.

I have already downloaded Barcelona’s items to use. Sadly, there is no Arsenal, so I just went with Manchester City.

You can download the packages here.

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