Supreme Commander 2 Demo Available Now!

Today the Supreme Commander 2 demo is available through Steam!  This sequel to the original Supreme Commander, that revolutionized Real-Time Strategy games, and highly anticipated by over head strategic online multiplayer gamers.  We can only hope the original innovations made to this massive, real-time command of war have remained in the sequel.  In Supreme Commander players experienced complex strategic situations, commanding armies of up to 1,000 units per player with streamlined and practically perfected control of all units at once; land, sea, and air with 4 tiers of units in each class. An achievement unchallenged by recent Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 games, which limit players to around 50 units at a time.  Read more to learn about the upcoming title, and get linked to the demo.

Supreme Commander 2 aims to be a more “accessible” game to the RTS genre, according to publisher Square Enix.  Hopefully that does not mean they have simplified and reduced the scope of the game.  The sequel, set 25 years after Supreme Commander‘s time-line of events., will boast 18 campaign missions that are designed to deliver a more emotional connection to Strategy games.  The multiplayer experience will be making a full-fledged return as well.  In a game like Supreme Commander there is little margin for error.

The sequel will feature extra large land, air, and naval units in an all-new rendering environment set to redefine the standard of graphics in Strategy games.  Other new weaponry and features heading to the sequel include wild experimental war machines that change the balance of power, a redesigned user interface that will focus on combat, and a improved view of the battle from using Strategic Zoom.

Supreme Commander 2 will release for PC-DVD March 2, 2010 and Xbox 360 March 16, 2010.  For more information check out the Official Supreme Commander 2 pageClick here to hit up the demo (via Steam)!

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