Surf World Series Announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Surf World Series Announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Today, developer Climax Studios announced Surf World Series for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and debuted the game via an announcement trailer.

According to the developer over on the PlayStation Blog, Surf World Series is about honing and testing your skills against 45 single player challenges that are designed to push you to the limit. The game also features multiplayer, and online tournaments where you can compete against up to 15 other surfers across three different modes.

Jamie Fisher, producer at Climax Studios adds:

As developers, our goal was to capture the vibes that make surfing culture what it is – we amped up the intensity with powerful oceans, stunning backdrops and simple arcade gameplay. Surf World Series is easy to get into, but pulling off epic stunts and new school tricks makes it deceptively difficult to master. It takes timing, precision, and most of all, the drive to take on treacherous tubes and monster waves, or dominate the competition online.

The game boasts 5 different destinations of the world’s most infamous surfing settings, including including Bells Beach, Australia and Waimea Bay, Hawaii. It also comes packing a unique selection of original tricks and gear, described as “arcade style.”

It also features “tens of thousands” of customization options, with the freedom to design “your own slick style and stand out from the crowd with your very own signature surfer.”

As you play, you will buildup up some type of skillset and rank up, and as you rank up you will unlock “countless classic and original designs, with everything from wetsuits, boards, patterns and more.”

But perhaps most important to a surfing game, is the wave system. According to Fisher, the game has a custom built wave system to not only look and fell stellar, but also to have the swell behave as natural as possible. You will feel the current pull against your board and will have to actually try and battle to maintain balance.

Further, more revealing details, are scarce at the moment. But the developer, in collaboration with publisher Vision Games, released a debut trailer. You can check it out below.

Surf World Series is slated to launch sometime in 2017.