The Surge Developers Detail How They Crafted the Game’s Sounds

on April 7, 2017 4:10 PM

Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive delved into how they crafted the soundscape of The Surge today on the game’s Facebook Page.

After researching the game’s central topics, the game’s sound designers created basic sound concepts and prototypes for major sound topics such as ambient sound, movement, combat, technology, UI, music, and material-specific sounds. The first sounds created were for the main character and a small part of an early demo level.

After some more tweaking, the developers moved into the production phase, meeting with other departments to finalize the needed sounds and to making sure everything was coming together well. The main goal of the Sound Designers was to create a credible world for The Surge from an acoustic point of view, and to make the sound design relevant to gameplay.

The developers revealed that there are 35 different sound sets that consist of 15-45 different sounds for Warren, enemies, bosses, and NPCs. There are also 150 sounds shared by all characters.

The Surge will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One May 16. We recently interviewed Jan Klose of Deck13 about the game; you can read that here.

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