Surprise! The Division 2 TU12 is Apparently Not The End

Surprise! The Division 2 TU12 is Apparently Not The End

While TU12 was internally confirmed as the final content update for The Division 2, apparently this is no longer the case.

If you thought your days playing The Division 2 were about to end any time soon, you may want to rethink that stance. To the surprise of its own developers at Massive studio, Ubisoft has announced plans to keep you hooked in its dilapidated post-pandemic America far longer than Division 2 TU12 (or Title Update 12), which released last December.

Taking to Twitter, Ubisoft’s official The Division 2 account had this to say:

“Today, we are thrilled to confirm that there will be additional content for The Division 2 released later this year! It is your continuous passion and support which enables us to continue to build upon The Division 2 experience, and we cannot thank you enough for that.”

Whereas there was never any public confirmation The Division 2 TU12 was the final planned update for the game, its own developers at Massive studio apparently expected it to be the last major piece of The Division 2 content before moving on to greener pastures, perhaps in the rolling plains of Naboo, for its new open-world Star Wars game. (h/t WIRED)

If this sounds like a departure from what fans were expecting and what developers thought they already knew, given that the current The Division 2 season as of TU12 is called “End of Watch”,  that’s because it is. This news largely comes hot off the back of Ubisoft’s closed-door February 9 investor call, from which VG247 reported that Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot had stated The Division 2 will receive more content throughout 2021 and into 2022.

Nothing here is particularly unusual for an online service-based game of this size and stature, though we’ve spent long enough living in a real-life pandemic now that perhaps a little vacation on Tatooine isn’t such a bad thing.

In other related Division 2 news, crossplay is finally a thing — but only between PC and Stadia players.

It’s not immediately clear what type of content could appear in updates after Division 2 TU12, but given that Division 2 next-gen updates have already come out, the sky’s the limit. Now to find a PS5.