Surreal Horror Game OMORI Surpasses Funding Goal, Will Get a 3DS Version

on June 6, 2014 9:28 PM

Blogger OMOCAT’s creation will finally see the light of day as a fully realized video game for PC, Mac and (thanks to a stretch goal) 3DS. Originally OMORI started off as a character that lived on a blog. Later she wrote a short story, which then became a series of comics. However, the creator always knew she wanted it as an actual game.

OMORI is about a depressed otaku who lives in White Space — a world that has no borders, ceiling or end in sight. (S)he owns a blanket, a laptop, a cat, a sketchbook and a box of tissues and lives with a bunch of neighbors. Sometimes they hang out together and sometimes (s)he has an unsettling feeling that (s)he lived somewhere else before. The name of this game is to discover the mysteries behind White Space and the world that came before it.

The campaign was super successful, and OMOCAT’s team managed to raise 203,300 out of their original goal of 22,000. They managed to hit nearly all of their stretch goals, including one to bring the title to the Nintendo 3DS:


You can find out more information on the game through the official Kickstarter page here. The pitch trailer and screenshot gallery has also been posted below, so check them out.

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