Survey: Japanese Gamers More Interested in PS Vita Than in Wii U

Survey: Japanese Gamers More Interested in PS Vita Than in Wii U

Between July the 14th and July the 15th The Japanese internet research firm goo Research polled 1,087 members of their research group while conducting their periodic survey on Consumer Game Consoles.

The 687 that answered that they own a game console were also asked if they were interested in buying a PS Vita and a Wii U.

The 15.7% responded that they want to buy a PS Vita, the 37.6% answered that they don’t plan on it yet, but they are interested and the 46.7% answered that they aren’t interested in it.

The Wii U seemed to spark less interest between the respondents, as only the 9.6% plans on buying it, the 39.4% is interested, and the 50.9% is not interested at all. 

52.3% of the respondents were male, 16.3% were teenagers, 18.4% in their twenties, 21.4% in their thirties 15.7% in their forties  and 28.2% were over 50.

The breakup of the currently owned consoles was as follows (multiple answers were of course allowed): Nintendo DS family (DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSiLL and 3DS) 62.7%, Playstation 2 55.7%, Wii 47.6%, Playstation Portable 35.2%, Playstation 3 26.1%, Gameboy Advance 23.9%, Super Famicon 23.0%, Playstation  22.7%, Gameboy 19.5%, Nintendo 64 17.8%, Nintendo Gamecube 17.0%, Famicon 14.4%, Dreamcast 4.8%, Xbox360 3.9%, Xbox 2.8%, PSPgo 1.5%, Other consoles 5.4%.