Survival Horror Stealth RPG The Fallen World Announced to Be in Development

Surviving in The Fallen World is harder than it may seem. Hunt down resources to barter for the ability to save, and make your way through the new world aligning yourself with the right people.

March 15, 2017

Today, DarkSpace Games announced that its newest title, The Fallen World, is a survival horror RPG that takes place in a city that has become overtaken by “ancient deities” who rule by inflicting pain upon the masses.

In The Fallen World, players must utilize stealth as the primary gameplay element in order to scavenge for food and water, which can then be traded for safe shelter, the game’s primary save mechanic. According to DarkSpace, players will be expected to think carefully about the actions they take and those they call friends.

“From the start the player is presented with a small piece of a much larger and more intricate puzzle of goals and allegiances than they have information to solve. Piecing together these motivations and actions is how the player survives.”

DarkSpace also notes that the game will not go easy on players who are accustomed to the assistance of HUDs cluttered with information. In this world, everyone is struggling to survive.


“Player led narrative is at the heart of the game’s design. To that end the UI and mechanics are tailored to match the player character. PCs unskilled in armed combat don’t receive aim assist, targeting reticles, or on screen ammo counts. Most of the inhabitants of the game’s world are not soldiers or even gun enthusiasts. They’re just people whose reality has come undone and as such are not trained in counting shells and controlled bursts.”

The Fallen World is currently being developed for PC. Interested in seeing more? Check out the announcement trailer below.

Jordan Loeffler

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