Survival Stealth Game Rat Simulator Steam Early Access Release Date Announced

Survival Stealth Game Rat Simulator Steam Early Access Release Date Announced

Indie developer Wraithseeker has announced the Steam Early Access release date for Rat Simulator: a game where you play as a rat trying to spread a plague in the suburbs.

Indie developer Wraithseeker has announced the release date of its survival stealth title on Steam Early Access. Rat Simulator will be hitting Steam Early Access on May 9.

Rat Simulator is a survival stealth role-playing game where players are responsible for spreading a plague across a suburban neighborhood in hopes of establishing a paradise for rats. Where does the stealth element come in? Apparently humans are opposed to the rats’ plans and will call exterminators if you’re detected while out pillaging their food.

The following primary gameplay elements will also be part of the game’s final product:

  • Infection – Infect 9 unique houses with the plague in the suburban neighborhood, but watch out for the inhabitants who are out to stop you in your tracks.
  • Destruction – Create chaos in the houses where you’ll get to destroy precious objects such as plates, glasses and vases much to humanity’s dismay. Or maybe you just feel like making a mess out of their houses by throwing their fragile possessions everywhere.
  • Rat Paradise – Save rats who are trapped in houses and then call upon your fellow rats to infect new houses in the neighborhood!
  • Enhancements – Your experiences empower your abilities and you’ll get to select upgrades in order to boost your rat capabilities.
  • Poisoned Food – It’s all fun to spread diseases to the humans, and after all you’ll get the house to yourself if they die to the plague, right?
  • Annoy Humans – As a plague bearer, you’ll get to temporarily stop the humans in their tracks as they drop to the ground when shot with poison.

Here’s a quick trailer to sate your curiosity on this furry fun-time.