Survive Harder (or Record Breakerer) With Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker’s Downloadable Content

Survive Harder (or Record Breakerer) With Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker’s Downloadable Content

Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker can be a difficult game to surmount, especially if certain resources are in short supply. For this reason, Atlus prepared some DLC to aid players in this endeavor, which are in the form of free battles.

Two of them are permanently free, and are detailed below:

  • Beginner’s Brawl — This Free Battle won’t scale with level, so make sure to tackle it early on. The enemies are a little on the weak side, but can still pack a punch if you’re not careful. Defeating them will earn you some quick Macca to blow at the Demon Auction and get your team started off right.
  • Lost Demon Rescue — A persuadable demon is caught in the middle of two hordes. If you can protect the demon and survive the onslaught, the demon will join your party. Use it to bolster your ranks or keep it for fusion fodder.

Then there’s the paid DLC content, priced at $.99 each on the Nintendo eShop:

  • Macca Makes an Escape — This battle poses a chase scenario. Demons are fleeing with tons of Macca, and it will be up to the player to run them down and beat the payout out of them. The demons are carrying three times the usual amount of Macca, and even though they’re fleeing, they’ll put up a good fight if you catch them.
  • All Skills Must Go! — Scattered around the battlefield are memory sticks loaded with powerful skills for your party. But the demons around have their eyes on them too, and will try and abscond with the memory sticks. This is one situation when you’re going to want to make sure to use non-combat skills that slow down enemies and/or speed up your party, because nothing is as infuriating as watching a Moh Shuvuu fly off with a powerful healing skill.
  • Let the Demons Grow — This is a free-for-all battle. These demons are loaded with extra experience, so systematically pick them off to reap EXP rewards and level your entire party.
  • Addonetarium — This battle is for higher-level characters, but is hugely beneficial towards the middle of the game when you can start implementing add-ons to your fusion. Basically, the add-ons give the fused demon a specific bonus, and can mean the difference between an average demon and all-powerful killing machine.

The content will be rolling out on the following dates, coincidences with the SpotPass content which will be rolling out over the same period. It includes new demons to fuse as well as party skills to use in battle:

  1. May 5 – Game launch, Beginner’s Brawl, Macca Makes an Escape!
  2. May 12 – All Skills Must Go!, Lost Demon Rescue, Let the Demons Grow
  3. May 19 – Addonetarium

You can also check out some screenshots showcasing the DLC.