Survived By Enters Open Beta on Steam Early Access, Brings New Content and Rewards

Survived By Enters Open Beta on Steam Early Access, Brings New Content and Rewards

A permadeath MMO in a PvE environment is free-to-play and available in open beta on PC now.

Survived By was announced back in 2017 and is being developed by Human Head Studios who are also known for their involvement in Square Enix’s The Quiet Man that launched earlier this year.

Survived By is an MMO survival with permadeath and back when it was announced last year, alpha sign-ups were also announced. Yesterday, the game was launched onto Steam Early Access and is now in open beta and is free-to-play. The game finds you playing as “Ancestors” taking part in a fast-paced, cooperative roguelite with a pixelated art style. You’ll be able to level up, team up with other players, craft gear and weapons, and battle bosses and “hordes of Chimera” in a PvE setting.

Previously, the game has been updated with community suggestions bringing storylines, dungeons, and rotating events. By arriving to Steam Early Access, Human Head Studios is apparently prepared to jump into a new, larger phase of development by taking community feedback on board to improve the game further.

Players will earn rewards by simply logging into Survived By and further challenges are available to complete for both players who have the time to dedicate to lengthy sessions, but also for those who only want quick play sessions. While Survived By is a bullet hell roguelite, players will be able to regenerate health but if they do succumb to death, they’ll lose “almost everything.” When a player dies, an in-game Ancestral Legacy system will see the new character carrying a small part of the previous characters DNA.

Having a look at the Steam page shows available paid for downloadable content for the game with the Starter Pack costing $4.99 / £3.99, the Next of Kin Supporter Pack costing, $14.99 / £11.39, and a Birthright Supporter Pack costing $39.99 / £30.99.

For those who take part in the beta will receive a special set of gifts as a thank you. For those that were already playing Survived By will get a Starter Pack, and for those that are paying, they’ll get a Next of Kin Supporter Pack for free when the game launches.

You can find the Early Access trailer embedded below which shows off what you can expect. I don’t know about you, but I think this looks fantastic and it’s just finished installing…so I’m going to go give it a try!

Survived By is currently available as a free-to-play title for PC on Steam.