Sweet and Sour Trailer Published for New Capcom Game

By Megan Smith

March 21, 2012

If you like candy and video games, have I got news for you. Capcom published a story trailer for their upcoming game, World Gone Sour based off the Sour Patch Kids candies. As a green kid gets eaten, he is taken to the makeshift world of digestive heaven.

Outside the gates stand half-eaten and healthier food choices who allow the little sweet thing to go inside to be judged by a large, talking drumstick wearing a crown. Thinking back on past digressions, the little candy child considers what he did to get to the food kingdom.

Impale other candies on bits of sharpened peppermint sticks? Check. Burn them in lit candles? Check. What about drowning other kids in oversized cups of soda? Yep, did that too.

Well, welcome to the party. Check out the deviously sugar-rushed fun after the break.

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