Sweet Irony is Sweet: Sony Hires Indiana Jones To Help Sell Uncharted 3 In Japan

on October 18, 2011 9:54 PM

Oh Sony, you snarky devils, you. Since Uncharted‘s inception, everyone (myself included) has proclaimed that Nathan Drake is nothing more than a modern day Indiana Jones, a role made famous by Han Solo, err um, I meanĀ Harrison Ford. And to his credit Nathan Drake does share a lot of the same characteristics: adventurous, smart, and a total klutz.

One thing that Drake isn’t, like me, Indiana Jones also happens to be a total hunk and ladies man. It’s because of these strong similarities that Sony would reach out to Ford to help promote the biggest title in what is arguably their biggest series… except they do it in Japan?!?! So just like other Hollywood celebrities doing ridiculous endorsements in the land of the rising sun, this one is just as awkward, but totally awesome at the same time. Either way check out some images of “the Indy” of my childhood enjoying some time with the modern day one. Hit the jump for the pics!







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