SWERY’s New Game Will be “Perverted, Violent and Crazy”

SWERY’s New Game Will be “Perverted, Violent and Crazy”

As you may know, back in November 2015, renowned game director and designer SWERY (aka SWERY65 aka Hidetaka Suehiro) announced that he was taking a break from games development in order to take a break and recover from reactive hypoglycemia. Nearly a year later, on October 31st, 2016, he officially announced his retirement from his former studio, which he founded, Access Games.

Then, back in January, the Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die creator announced his return, and his new studio White Owls. All that being said, the question now is: what is SWERY working on?

Well, speaking to Eurogamer at Reboot Develop 2017 in Croatia, SWERY revealed that he can’t talk much about the new project, but his translator relayed that “basically it’s perverted, violent and crazy,” which sounds just like what I want from SWERY.

During his presentation at the game developer/industry conference, SWERY mentioned one of his news games features cats. His translator specifically relayed the following:

“I can’t tell you the details but one of the games is a game that features cats.”

Cats confirmed.

Exactly how many games White Owls is working on isn’t quite clear, but there appears to be one main project, which SWERY began working on back in January, right around the time he announced his return.

White Owls is comprised of six people, so if they are working on multiple projects, they would likely have to be quite small. Speaking of the team at White Owl, SWERY asked to not have the slide showing his team be photographed, suggesting there is a secret within said photograph.

Additionally, there is a VR section on the White Owls website, which suggests that the team is exploring VR too, but who knows to what extent. Whatever White Owls and SWERY comes up with, I’m sure it’s going to be very weird. And that gets me excited.