Fixture S1 Switch Accessory Lets You Play with a Pro Controller in Handheld Mode

Fixture S1 Switch Accessory Lets You Play with a Pro Controller in Handheld Mode

The Fixture S1 will let Nintendo Switch owners play with their Pro Controllers in handheld mode, and acts as a much better stand for the device in tabletop mode.

Fixture S1 is a new Nintendo Switch accessory that lets players use their Pro Controller in the console’s handheld mode. The Fixture S1 completely eliminates the need for the Joy-Con controllers in handheld mode. Players who are looking to replicate the same feeling that comes with playing when the Nintendo Switch is docked definitely might want to look into the Fixture S1.

The accessory’s Indiegogo campaign began earlier today and has already soared past its $20,000 goal. For those that are interested in the Fixture S1, the campaign offers two different models that Switch owners can preorder. The Founder’s Edition will continuously be shipped out this year. It’s a bit different from the normal production model that’ll launch early next year in that it doesn’t have an extra opening on the accessory for a charging wire and has a different build quality. Backers also have the opportunity to customize the Founder’s Edition with their gamertag or other text. The aforementioned Founder’s Edition includes the charger opening, better build quality, and a rubber base for a better experience in tabletop mode.

The Founder’s Edition starts at $39 and is mostly aimed towards people who want to grab the accessory as soon as possible. It’ll cost $29 to grab the standard production model that’ll begin shipping in March.  If you want to check out the Fixture S1 for yourself, there’s a handy video down below that shows how the device is used. The Fixture S1 does not support the new Nintendo Switch Lite, but that’s to be expected considering the Joy-Cons that are not detachable on the Lite.

Editor’s Note: DualShockers was provided with the original Founder’s Edition before the Indiegogo campaign launched for the purposes of review.