The Switch Lite Had The Second Best Hardware Revision Launch In Japan

The Switch Lite Had The Second Best Hardware Revision Launch In Japan

The Nintendo Switch Lite has had quite the launch in Japan and has become one of the best selling console revisions at launch.

The Switch Lite launched just over a week ago and plenty of people have already jumped on the bandwagon. The portable system has had quite the succeful launch, especially in Japan.

According to Game Data Library, the Nintendo Switch Lite had the second-highest launch sales in Japan for additional hardware SKUs with 177,936 sales. This was beat out by the Nintendo 3DS XL which had about 187,480 launch sales when it released back in 2012. The Switch light just barely beat out the Nintendo DSi when it released back in 2008 with 171,925 launch units sold.

Remember, these sales numbers were only for Japan. So these numbers could possibly look different in the US or Europe. However, the Switch Lite is looking to be a pretty popular item, even though it is possibly already experiencing some Joy-Con drift problems. With that in mind, I would have to bet that the console is doing pretty well everywhere else too.

It has been pretty difficult not picking one of these bad boys up. I have had my Nintendo Switch since launch day and love it to death. But the idea of having a console that is more portable, has a longer battery life, and looks just more comfortable hold sounds pretty great to me. Yet, wanting a second Switch is just a want and not a need. I might trade-in my current Switch version for the new SKU with the longer battery life because boy, that longer battery life sound wonderful to me.