Switch Pro Information Reportedly Datamined, Includes OLED Screen and 4K Support

Switch Pro Information Reportedly Datamined, Includes OLED Screen and 4K Support

The console will also reportedly come with a new dock and have significantly better battery life.

Rumours of a Nintendo Switch Pro have been floating around for quite a while now. These rumblings gained the most traction back in August last year when Bloomberg reported that Nintendo was planning an upgraded model of their hybrid console. Now, adding fuel to the fire, a reported datamine has provided more technical details about the supposed upcoming console.

The report comes from prolific dataminer, SciresM via a ResetEra thread and contains information regarding the new console’s display, battery life and dock, as well as claims that the new console has a codename, Aula.

SceriesM says of the prospective new Switch Pro, that he believes “it’s 4K given the signs I’m seeing in the firmware” adding that it’s “not confirmed yet and could be wrong.” Regarding the console’s display, he states that the “tablet itself definitely has an upgraded display” before adding “the upgraded tablet display is an OLED screen.”

While the new model will reportedly use an OLED screen, the tablet’s resolution is likely to be the same, with the 4K support coming from a “4K Realtek chip” within a new dock. This would allow the console to output 4K in docked mode, rather than handheld.

The reported datamine also suggests the new console will have “substantially” better battery life and cooling. SceriesM also speculates that “games will be like “DSi enhanced” games were, or like how some games benefited from PS4 Pro despite working on PS4.”

While this definitely looks promising, at this point it’s purely a rumour and speculation and as with all rumours, this should definitely be taken with a pinch of salt.